Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Don't say we didn't warn you

Q: Is there a hed that causes even more dismay among the heavenly host than "'Tis the season" or "Bowled over"?
A: Yes, and thanks for bringing that up. It is this:

Let the Games begin

Look on it well. It is the Balrog-meets-Cthulhu-meets-Trogdor of forbidden heds, and if you see it over the next few weeks, tarry not but slay it.

Q: Well, suppose the whole journalism world stopped using "Let the games begin" for XIII or IX Olympic cycles or so. Would it be OK then?
A: That's sort of like knocking on the CDC's door and asking Mrs. Smallpox if her kid can come out and play yet. There is no safe waiting period. The great hed cliches are always hazardous to your clip file.


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