Monday, February 18, 2019

Low-hanging yellow fruit

Try a little harder, Fair 'n' Balanced Network! This hed should have been a low-hanging yellow fruit:

The murder suspect eluded police for decades, until he got a hankering for a hot dog at a hockey game.

Jerry Westrom, 52, ate the hot dog while watching his daughter play hockey, then he wiped his face with a napkin and threw it away.

Westrom did not know that while he watched the hockey game, police were watching him.

Police retrieved the napkin Westrom discarded and found his DNA matched that collected at the scene of the 1993 cold-case murder of 35-year-old Jeanne Ann "Jeanie" Childs. Westrom, who was charged with second-degree murder last week, posted $500,000 bail and was released from jail following a court hearing where his wife, children and 20 other supporters looked on from the gallery.

Turning a napkin into a "hot dog accessory" is good, sure, but you need the modifier to bring it home. Given the circumstances, why not the "mustard-stained hot dog accessory"?

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