Sunday, January 13, 2019

Me subject, you object

If you really can't bear to break that old J-school rule about not having conjunctions in heds, maybe you could just fall back on "blames fight on 'bad day.'"

What fight, you ask? Well, it's not as if you'd find out from the lede:

Former Fox Sports Detroit analyst and Detroit Tigers announcer Rod Allen spoke with Free Press business columnist Carol Cain on the “Michigan Matters” program on Sunday morning on WWJ-TV (Channel 62).

Stop press! At least, until you've waded through three prepositional phrases and the relative clause that reminds you why you might care to get to something that he said:

In Allen’s first public comments about the Sept. 4 incident with play-by-play broadcaster Mario Impemba, which turned physical and effectively ended the duo’s 16-plus year run calling Tigers games, he said the situation was largely blown out of proportion in media reports.

Though maybe not really his first public comments:

... Last month, Allen published his first remarks since it was learned that neither he or Impemba would return to the Tigers' booth via a letter on social media.

Here is what he told Cain:

Asked if he would have done anything differently, Allen said, “You know, it’s funny that you say that because I’ve thought that over and over and over and I really can’t come up with anything differently that I would have done. We had a bad day, there’s no doubt about that. I didn’t have a good day, he did not have a good day as well, and because of that, it was an argument. There was no choking, there was no fighting, there was no chasing down the hallway.

So the "incident" that "turned physical" (according to the cutline, a "physical altercation") wasn't a fight? Or was it just a fight without any fighting? OK, find another headline. But please pay attention to the pronouns if you do. Poor old "whom" may be a lost cause, but you don't have to let "me" become a subject.

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