Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Today in visual journalism

Hey, kids! How far into this 860-word Torygraph article does the Kenyan usurper make his first appearance?

Go ahead and step forward, all you in the 575-600 bracket. So spare a moment's kind thought for the Torygraph editors who might be scratching their heads at the turn their comments took after the sun rose over Planet Drudge this morning:

Obama steps in and says "Hey. I have rasied are national dept by 10 trillion in almost 8 years, with no is a list of numbers for the chinese that own the country...give them a call"

Obama made his firs "intervention" into Greece's financial problems. How special is THAT? A man who has failed utterly to bring our economy back thinks he can intervene in someone else's. The arrogance just keeps on comin'.

You idiot, do not get us in any more trouble and stop wasting our money. You've made a mess that will take years to repair if go to your room and wait there until we can replace you... that is all.

Obama has supported civil wars in pretty much the entire North Africa and Middle East regions. His work is finished there, now time to move the civil unrest to Europe.

Drove downtown the other day, saw a group of afro-americans protesting racism. All I could do driving at 30mph was roll my eyes. WHy are the protesting, is someone getting paid? That should be hate speech that they are propogating it for any chills to see and ask what racism is. The democrats are the slavery party.

O-shitstain could not poor pi ss out of a boot with directions on the heel LMFAO

Obama won't want the socialist nirvana Greeks to fail, he'll call $Billions of American Taxpayer money "Humanitarian Aid."

Obama could care less about hard working Americans, his interest lies in black racist thugs, illegal immigrants, and the idiot socialists that are destroying large swaths of Europe.

" … leaders were prepared for a " black scenario" …? Wait a minute. We talkin' Greece or DEtroit?

It's been a while since Drudge brought out this particular trope; appearing below today's front are a couple examples from last September. Discuss among yourselves whether the first or the second level of agenda-setting is better represented here, and whether agenda-setting or framing is better suited to be the One Ring that rules all of masscomm theory.

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