Monday, June 15, 2015

You make the call!

OK, "that" fans: What does the photo in question show?

The shortest distance, for me, between two points is that the photo must show him blocked in a car. That doesn't seem to be what the (ahem) viral photo had in mind:

The Ohio State coach, who apparently doesn't drive a golf cart, appears to have found every parking spot open except his own. He could have just accepted the mistake and left his car one spot over, but you don't become a reserved parking spot owner by making concessions.
Embedded image permalinkI could have gotten to that with "photo shows THAT Ohio State football coach blocked in car ...", or even by taking out the random "in,"  to wit: "... blocked car that parked in his spot." Except that, looking in the photo, that's hardly what happened. We seem to have a photo posted by one football player (that may or may not be about another football player) showing what an awesome guy the coach is, as long as the second player doesn't mind bumping over a curb that really shouldn't give him pause, as long as the SUV isn't borrowed from a well-heeled supporter or something.
Yes, it's a bit dismaying that the Brave New Social Media manage to make the same sort of syntactic hash out of a few simple clauses that the boring old media did. On the other hand, it's actually a little refreshing to note that, as of this writing, the local newspaper seems to have ignored the matter altogether.

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