Wednesday, June 17, 2015

They all look alike

Q: Do all blues singers look alike at the Nation's Newspaper of Record?
A: Looks that way:
An obituary on Friday about the jazz saxophonist and composer Ornette Coleman referred incorrectly to the blues singer Clarence Samuels, with whom Mr. Coleman worked early in his career. He was not blind.

Q: No, I don't mean "do they all see alike?" I'm wondering if all musicians look alike!
A: Apparently:
Because of an editing error, a jazz entry in the Listings pages on Friday about Eric Revis, at the Jazz Gallery in Manhattan, referred incorrectly to the pianist in Mr. Revis’s trio. The pianist, Kris Davis, is a woman.

I'm fine with "because of an editing error" in this case; someone knows the trio and its work well enough to refer to "the fearlessly introspective pianist Kris Davis," and that person shouldn't have to explain the Times's gender biases to an annoyed musician. Given that "the pianist Kris Davis" is also listed elsewhere in town later in the week, a wake-up call is probably useful -- but I'd like to know it's been sounded behind the writer who thought every blues singer's first name is "Blind," too.

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