Thursday, January 13, 2011

Welcome to the monkey house

In case you want to see some of the collection from the past few days, enjoy. This is how the world -- a small part of it, at least, that you're probably all quite tired of by now -- looks through the methane clouds of Planet Fox.

I really don't know where to begin with this. I suppose that in some technical sense, it's even more amusing to get a Sarah Palin lecture in the history of political communication than a Sarah Palin lecture in journalism ethics, but -- did no one have the sense to tell this preening moron what the "blood libel" is? Or why and how perfectly her tone-deaf turn captures the wounded self-righteousness of the entire Fox family?

Perhaps we can sum this up with the apologia of the youngest of the NYT's stable of right-wing columnists, Ross Douthat:

From the Republican leadership to the Tea Party grass roots, all of Gabrielle Giffords’s political opponents were united in horror at the weekend’s events. There is no faction in American politics that actually wants its opponents dead.

Think so? Let's look over the files:

obama and holder need their necks stretched for treason with just about every other democrat and many Republicans.

The best thing Obama can do for American foreign policy is to have a massive stroke and drop dead.

You can count on the American People rising in opposition, and fully utilizing the 2nd Amendment. Exactly the kind of situation it was written in there for. This little wannabe dictator, is going to go, sooner, not later.

The thug in chief continues on his mission to destroy America buy destroying its' economy! This is one despicable man! What's it gonna take before the task of taking him down begins?

Obama is on the cusp of ending up like Jimmy Hoffa. I feel more healthy just thinking about that!

Hey Obama... meet me behind the woodshed, and I'll hit your liberal a/s/s so hard you'll starve to death before you quit rolling.........WE'VE HAD IT WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!

hopefully someone will take out the monkey commander in thief!

Another attempted takeover of a private industry. obama will not be satisfied until all of private industry is under control by him and his merry little band of Marxists. They couldn't get the public option so this is an end run to obtain government control of the health care. Arragant buch of b@stards. Do I hear a cessna warming up?

someone should take out the monkey in charge before he destroys this country!

The Tree of Liberty Is Thirsty For Blood.

We all were kind of secretly hoping that McChrystal would be allowed to keep his side arm. That he would get really, really, really angry during the confrontation with the Annointed One.... that he would do the REALLY right thing. Sigh. Another lost opportunity. Our hopes now rest that with the Secret Service continuing to look the other way during White House dinners, etc....

"..superficial report..." ?!?!? More of a superficial 'president'. I wil dance the day he hangs fron a rope.

Needs to be removed with extreme prejudice.

Where is an open-top presidential parade in Dallas when you need one? Oh wait, then we'd be left with a demi-god martyr instead...

I hope somebody still gets a shot off and blows his monkey head off and gets his hoe wife at the same time. We could use a new hero and another holiday to celebrate freedom and liberty.

America you better get ready to bear arms. This Marxist POTUS has to be stopped. Revolution.

Can we erase our beloved boy"leader"

They shot 2 Kennedy's, MLK and Malcom X, but this POS is still alive.

Guess what, Ross! There's a substantial faction of American political thought that really, really does! And if you're among that set of people who are still busily equivocating -- naw, hem-hem, both sides have a lot to answer for here -- you've told us all we need to know about your analytic skills.



Blogger The Ridger, FCD said...

As Fred Clarke and Conor Friedersdorf point out "don’t behave as if they believe all the nonsense they assert. The strongest case against these people isn’t that their rhetoric inspires political violence. It’s that they frequently utter indefensible nonsense. The problem isn’t their tone. It’s that the substance of what they’re saying is so blinkered that it isn’t even taken seriously by their ideological allies (even if they’re too cowardly, mercenary or team driven to admit as much)", and "It's a pretense, a game -- a dishonest game played by people who have chosen to embrace this dishonesty and to make it their essential defining characteristic. They don't behave as if they believe what they say. They don't believe what they say. This is as apparent in the pseudo-intellectual pomposity of the anti-abortion play-actors at First Things as it is in the pseudo-spiritual pose of earnestness by the anti-abortion play-actors at Christianity Today.

They don't behave as if they believe what they say.

They do not believe what they say.

No one else ought to believe what they say either.

But every few years, tragically, someone does. Every few years some disturbed or unhinged individual fails to appreciate that these anti-abortion pretenders are merely "frivolous persons who don't choose their words based on their meaning" but, rather, "behave like the worst caricature of a politician."

Every few years, tragically, some poor confused bastard fails to realize that it's all a big game, a pretense, a lie. He takes them seriously and he takes their words seriously and he behaves as someone who believes what they say. So Paul Hill murders a doctor in Florida. Eric Rudolph bombs the Atlanta Olympics. Scott Roeder guns down a doctor in church.

And each time this happens all of the people who have, for years, been suggesting that such violent resistance is obligatory recoil in horror at the sight of someone treating their words as anything other than the disingenuous lies they were always meant to be."


"The substance of what they say demands "a radicalized citizenry." If we are in the midst of a "Holocaust," then we are obliged to respond more vigorously than simply waiting four years for the next opportunity to cast a vote for a candidate who tells us he sympathizes with our opposition to this "Holocaust." If they really believed any of the nonsense they spout about "Holocausts" and "baby-killers" then what are we to make of their behavior, their lack of urgency, their satisfaction with moral-condescension and the occasional vote or rare protest march as somehow an adequate response to the massive horror and injustice they pretend to believe is occurring?

They do not behave as if they believe what they say. We are thus forced to choose between believing their words or believing their actions. We cannot believe that both are true. We cannot believe that both are honest. If their actions, their very lives, are sincere, then their words are dishonest. If their words are sincere, then their lives are monstrous.

Neither alternative is pleasant, but these are the only options allowed to us."

6:37 PM, January 13, 2011  

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