Monday, December 28, 2009

Making stuff up: Don't

Must be rough making newspapers come out in Florida this week. One day, it's the super-most-important story in the history of the world in space: ZOMG COACH QUITS!! Next day, it's the super-most-important retracted story in the history of the world in space: ZOMG COACH UNQUITS!!

There are several ways to handle this correctly, sticking at all times to the general principle that heds should be about what happened, rather than what might happen at some indeterminate time in the future. St. Pete used the snarky but accurate "Meyer flips on his exit." Charlotte offered a commendably sane reefer: "Florida coach changes his mind about resigning."

There are also several ways to do it wrong, and one of the worst is Fort Lauderdale's, shown above: "Meyer won't quit." Let's go to the videotape here, Fort Lauderdale. One day the guy quits. The next day he says, hmm, not so fast. Is there anything you could do that's dumber than declaring in big type that he is or isn't going to do something tomorrow?

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