Friday, December 18, 2009

3-2, top of the 9th

"Inconven- ient truth" had a good showing at midweek, with frontpage heds Tuesday and Thursday, but "con- ference in disarray" is fighting back to take the lead!

And don't forget to visit our concession stands for your Fox bobbleheads:

Assembled world leaders cheered on the socialist strongman during a rousing attack on all things capitalist at the Copenhagen climate conference. Chavez's prime-time climate speech included references to Obama as the "Nobel Prize of War."

...The Venezuelan president used the international forum Wednesday to slime developed nations for creating an "imperial dictatorship" that rules the world, urging his audience to "fight against capitalism," the "silent and terrible ghost" that was haunting the elegant conference chambers in the Danish capital.

...Calling on spiritual leaders as varied as Jesus, Muhammad and Karl Marx, Chavez bellowed that climate discussions were going on behind closed doors and draft agreements remained "top secret."

"The text presented is not democratic or inclusive," said Chavez, who has made it a practice in his native Venezuela to close opposition newspapers, radio stations and TV networks, and jails dissident politicians on spurious charges.

...Chavez regularly regales a captive audience of millions of Venezuelans on his weekly "Alo Presidente" talk shows, the marathon TV and radio sessions that give him space to rail against the bourgeoisie, excoriate the U.S. and even sing a ballad when the mood strikes.

By comparison, his Copenhagen screed was brief, but was certainly gobbled up by many delegates in attendance who let out a nervous laugh as he attacked President Obama.

...But the commandante did manage to address climate change itself, warning of the dangers posed by the failure to rein in carbon emissions and give aid to the Third World.



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