Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Corrections you wish ... wait, don't

Could any correction possibly want to make you read the original errant hed more than this one? Where could it possibly have gone off the tracks?

Yosemite bears learn to love public transit
Yosemite bears spurn minivans for tried-and-true F150
Yosemite bears learn to love severed limbs of children
5 dead, 14 injured in Yosemite minivan plunge

Cold reality is such a letdown:

Yellowstone bears have learned to love minivans
What’s bigger than a picnic basket and even better than one in the eyes of black bears that call Yosemite National Park home?

Minivans driven by families with chil­dren who leave behind a trail of spilled juice boxes, Cheerios and coolers carry­ing other snacks, according to a study published in October in the Journal of Mammalogy.

Really? So distracted by the pickanick baskets that we couldn't get to the end of the sentence there, BooBoo?

Anyway, another reminder of why properly written corrections don't talk about what should have happened. They say what happened that shouldn't have (in most cases, without repeating the error itself), and then they correct it. How hard exactly is that to figure out?



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