Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Here's a semi- regular off-topic update for interested parties. Think of it as sort of the HEADSUP-L pledge drive; regularly scheduled program- ming will continue shortly, but you can leave your credit card number in the comments if you're feeling guilty about not helping newspapers stay afloat or something. Or you can turn the page.

Anyway! April 15 is a special day around here for several reasons. Yes, there are those freedom-loving tea parties, and yes, it's the first day the local bistros can set out their sidewalk tables,* but it's also Bernieversary, whereby hangs a tale.

A bunch of the sharp undergraduates at the World's Most Refulgent J-School came in one morning to report a litter of abandoned** kittens under the hostas. Permission was granted*** to bring the little monsters indoors, and after a fairly consensual discussion, an overnight office stay and some minor tactical hoop-jumping, everybody**** had a forever home. Woodchuck (left) and Bernie -- formally, Woodward Woodward III and Bernstein J. Firecat -- moved into the cottage on the Lane on April 15, 2005. Usual Suspects will be happy to know that they have become upstanding young gentlemen.

It's Bernieversary because, well, Woodward has a genuinely iconic piece of American asphalt named after him (about a mile west of here, a few blocks east of the midtown bureau). So we had to equalize where we could. Either way, best Bernieversary regards to you members of the original rescue party and all you other cheezburger-eaters out there.

* Honestly. In about a month, this is going to sound a lot better than it does now.
** Not by hoomans; Language Czarina is fairly sure she saw their mom doing the Mehitabel thing around campus on several later occasions.
*** Where would journalism be without the passive voice?
**** At last report, sister Pickle was a happy farm kitteh in central Missouri.



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