Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hey! Laughing boy!

One of those lessons that need to occur earlier in the career, rather than later: Never put something on the screen if you don't want to see it published. Such is the moral of this link, which Strayhorn found for a frontpage Orlando Sentinel tale about that Obama-induced ammunition shortage:
Oops! One buwwet weft at Orwando!
"Buwwets" is pretty low-bore, damage-wise, but it's a polite way of reminding you not to use "dirtbag" as a slug on the story about the mayor's visit to the elementary school, or "crook" on the story about how the wonderful guy who owns the Chevrolet dealership is helping the Little People deal with These Tough Times.* All it takes is an idle click or two and suddenly it's wabbit duck season.
Having endured that screed, you deserve the video:

* Perhaps more pertinently, why you should generally avoid "rape" and "murder" as slugs on stories about sexual assaults and gunshot deaths. Slugs have a way of finding their way into heds, and you can land in trouble awfully fast if the hed carries a charge that isn't borne out in the story or the court proceeding.


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