Monday, February 23, 2009

Department of short answers

Nothing, thanks. How about you?

Addressing the reader directly is always risky. At best, it sounds a little nosy; at worst, it invites readers to tell you that you've got the wrong number and should go away.

It'd be nice to cut down on the shouting a bit:

Cost-cutting smokers soon will pay a whole lot more to roll their own cigarettes.

And Gov. Jennifer Granholm wants to make them pay even more.

She has called for doubling the state tax on loose tobacco, cigars and snuff to help balance next year's state budget. That's on top of whopping increases in federal tobacco taxes -- including those for manufactured cigarettes -- that take effect April 1 to pay for expanding health insurance for low-income children, known as SCHIP.

Skyrocketing taxes slam smokers! Yes, we got the idea. But first things first. Get the "you" out of the teasers.


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