Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The pump pain gang

Remember Orwell's advice -- never use a figure of speech that you're used to seeing in print? Here's a headline corollary: Whenever a story seems to call forth a particular hed, stop writing and find another hed. Immediately.

The hed that seems to be forever called forth is this, from the top of today's Palm Beach Post front. Look familiar? It should:
Those Who Live Here, But Work Elsewhere, Are Feeling Pain At The Pumps
Lancaster (Pa.) Sunday News, 4/20

Pain at the pump
Albany Times Union, 4/17

Pain at pump nears new high
Wisconsin State Journal, 4/15

More pain at the pump: Prices continue to rise
Atlanta J-C, 4/15
Drivers are coping with pain at pump
Dayton, 4/11

More pain at the pump
Santa Fe New Mexican, 4/5

U.S. consumers face chronic pain at pump
Richmond Times-Dispatch, 4/3
How do you suppose it looked last month?
Pain at the pumps continue to grow
Contra Costa Times, 3/25

Pain at the Pump and Beyond
NYT, 3/25

Pain at the pump
Telegram and Gazette (Massachusetts), 3/24

Pain at pump goes both ways
Columbus Dispatch, 3/15

More pain at the pump
Baltimore Sun, 3/13

In some towns, there's a pain war:
Utahns feeling pain at the pump
Deseret Morning News, 3/11

Pain at the pump: Utah catching up as gas prices break records
Salt Lake Tribune, 3/11
So March (as several newspapers noted) is the cruelest month, gas-pain-wise. How about February?
Expect more pain at pump
Milwaukee J-S, 2/29

More pain at the pump
San Jose Mercury News, 2/28

Pain at the pump grows
St. Pete Times, 2/23

Pain at the pump likely to intensify
Tacoma News Tribune, 2/1

Surely it's all a function of this year's price spiral?
Pain at the pump
Rock Hill, 11/17

Pain at pump continues; state's prices 3rd in nation
Freep, 11/12

More pain at the pump
Birmingham News, 11/10

As gas prices continue to climb, drivers feel pain at pump
Flint Journal, 11/9

Pain at the pump: $3+ gas
Miami, 11/7
Starting to get the idea? This one's embargoed until, like, the end of time. No exceptions.



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