Wednesday, August 09, 2006

By their briefs shall ye know them

... and that doesn't mean "Rose goes in the front, big guy." It means that news outfits that pay attention to details in the briefs columns are likely to pay attention to them elsewhere too. And, conversely, that if the briefs aren't worth your time, your readers are likely to wonder what you're saving all that energy for. Hence:

Former office manager embezzles $16,000
A former Mooresville office manager was arrested Tuesday on charges that she embezzled more than $16,000 from Carolina Family Medicine & Wellness and the M.D. Laser Studio, authorities said.

Hey, thanks for keeping the court system clear of all those pesky people who think they're innocent until proven guilty.

A Lincoln County woman was arrested Monday in connection with selling marijuana at her work place. ... [Naughty Woman] was taken to the Harven A. Crouse Detention Center in Lincolnton under a $3,000 bond.

Two things: One, "in connection with" is not a cut-n-paste solution to the problem of reporters who write "arrested for":

Smith was arrested in connection with two deaths.
* Smith was arrested in connection with killing two people.

Just say she was "accused of" selling the stuff at her workplace. If, indeed, the cops assert that, instead of just suspecting it.

Second, this is up on the Web Wednesday morning, and the arrest was Monday. There's no excuse for not telling us whether she made bail.

A man whom police said took his children from their grandmother's house in Lincoln County Tuesday morning was charged with felony larceny of a motor vehicle.

Him did?

Please, pay attention to the briefs. Readers do.


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