Sunday, April 30, 2006

Clueless story award of the month

This excellent candidate (provided by the ever-alert Florida buro) packs a near-incredible amount of ineptitude into a tight eight grafs. Hoo hah:

2 Kittens Born on Good Friday Bear Mysterious Markings in Their Fur
LeeAnn Jacobs says she doesn't think her two kittens, each born with a distinct cross on its back, are the handiwork of the Almighty.

Even though they were born on Good Friday, she doesn't think the crossed kitties have any connection to Christ.

Let's recap for a moment. The lede is, um, Woman Doesn't Think Marks Are A Sign. Nice twist on the usual Deity On A Frito tale, but Local Woman Doesn't See Things hardly seems to rise to that man-bites-dog level we kind of look for in a news story, does it?

But the writer's unwilling to let enough be enough: Even though the kittens were born on Good Friday, the cat-owning heathen doesn't think they "have any connection to Christ." Leaving us with two questions for the writer:
1) Since you had a choice of two this year, which Good Friday did you have in mind?
2) Why would kitties born on Good Friday have a connection to Christ -- rather than, say, Barabbas, Pilate, Emperor Constantine's mom, Judas or ... HILLARY?
(Sorry about that. Won't happen again.)

But back to our story. We spend another couple of grafs discussing how unusual these kitties are or aren't. Then we call in an expert:

Toni Van Pelt, executive director of the Center for Inquiry in Tampa, a group of skeptics who promote "science, reason and inquiry," said she fears others may not share Jacobs' secular view.

I think a lot of people will come to her house and worship at the altar of the kitty," Van Pelt said. "It could jeopardize their health and well-being."

Jacobs said she loves the kittens and won't let that happen.

To recap: A 1A centerpiece, with two photos, whose content may be summarized thus:
Nothing happened.
Expert agrees nothing happened.
But don't worry; nothing's going to happen.

Let's try to bear in mind that all sorts of things -- tacos, walls, rocks, cloud formations, kittens -- have funny-looking markings when you hold 'em in the right light and squint a bit. Here, for example, is Woodward, one of the Official HEADSUP-L Research Cats (say hi to the nice people, Woodchuck). Note the orange mark on his back shaped exactly like Iraq's restive Anbar province! Are we in touch with the DIA about this? No. Nor with the local papers. And it's going to stay that way.

By the time a centerpiece is rolling toward the front page, it's built up a lot of momentum. We're asking a lot of the copydesk when it's the only thing that can stand in front of that particular train. But Tommy this and Tommy that: If editors with big paychecks won't do it, somebody has to. Copyeds, you're nominated.


Blogger aparker54 said...

Are you joking, fev? If the copy desk had killed that centerpiece, A1 would have lost the delightful cat art. Think about that!

And then what's to do? Fill the gaping hole on the front page with a grim story and photos out of the Middle East?

7:16 PM, April 30, 2006  
Blogger fev said...

Don't get me wrong. I _like_ cat centerpieces. I just prefer that, oh, the cats be slinking up on sleeping babies or accompanying crones to the graveyard at midnight, that's all.

And if we can't gin up a CP around the NFL draft on short notice, well, what have we got a sports department for?

10:16 PM, April 30, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey ... the crosses on the kitties look almost like the Russian Orthdox Church cross. Can we make any leaps of judgment from that? Something Romanov-ish?

6:22 PM, May 01, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OrthOdox, even.

6:23 PM, May 01, 2006  
Blogger fev said...

I was kind of thinking Maltese, but I don't even want to start calculating how long ago I saw "The Blue Max."

10:32 PM, May 01, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


If god tells you not to pray that is a CLUE YOU NEED TO PRAY!!!!!:::::
1. I'm sorry for what I've done wrong.
2. I don't want to make any more mistakes.
3. I want to fix my problems.
4. Please don't hurt me.
I understand you have gone the wrong way and initially made your decision to comply often
based on concrete perceptions:::They use conditioning tactics to gain trust and compliance
which compelled you to subscribe to this corruption.
Open your mind to the reality you will have to make a very CONCRETE DECISION to change
your direction based on INFERRENCES, INFERRED CLUES which they offer, much like female
indifference towards sexuality.
Sadly, this sinister strategy will ensure a supermajority of candidates fail:::The sooner
you achieve fear the better your chances:::Be afraid and the gods are more likely to have
mercy on you when you defy.

You all have to save yourselves. I can only teach you, but you have to be receptive.
Remember:::Jesus went up alone. He didn't even save 12 of his closest friends, for they
have to save themselves, just like you all will have to.
Begin to live decent and respectable lives. The media is a poison-delivery system. Stop
consuming it. Even the most begnign children's programming has sinister strategic purpose
as distraction.
If you are engaging in inappropraite sexual behavior you need to stop. Every act may be
costing you decades off your time up there.
Find a new reality, absent of the temptations in society we believe to be cultural
offerings. Don't forget:::African female genitile mutilation is cultural. Mayan human
sacrifice was cultural. Remembering items like this will help you think clearly.

permission. You have made so many mistakes they no longer want you and won't approve if
you ask.
MY ADVICE TO YOU ALL is:::Begin to think correctly. People aren't god-fearing anymore.
If you understood the misery they inflict upon those they dislike you WOULD BE AFRIAD.
If you think correctly they would be more likely to be merciful when you do defy.
You're just getting older. If you understood the significance of aging you WOULD HAVE
GREAT URGENCY and you would begin IMMEDIATELY!!!!
And be aware of their tactics, for they will employ them all to prevent/delay your
understanding. The more you can skip the quicker your learning curve will be.

We will ALL be held to the responsibilities entrusted to us, no matter what they request
telepathically nor what temptations contradict this::Professional responsibilities, family
responsibilities, etc.


The optimal ascention senario is when parents depart Earth with their young children
BEFORE their minds are posioned by this society. The next best-case senario is when an
individual finds the path themself and makes their way out before puberty.
Children who go up before puberty are candidates to remain the most superior of all life
forms::The asexual. Expect these people to experience subsequent temptations once they
arrive to further shrink the pool of candidates. Another example males are inferior to
females:::Expect circumcision to play a part in this elimination round.
I think these are the TRUE candidates for immortality. This is not to say there won't be
sexualized people who make it, but those who do likely practice minimally and monogamously
in the context of marriage, and that would exclude most if not all from modern society.
The sexualization of children is yet another example proving the gods are preditory on
children::::It eliminates these individuals from contention immediately.

When the gods show favor upon a person they bring that individual up before puberty. They
experience a series of challenges. Expect the circumcized males to fall initially,
indicitive of the god's favoritism towards the females.
I believe Planet Earth's only guarenteed IMMORTALS are those individuals who suceed at
these (loaded) tests and earn the designation of asexual.

The gods don't respect sex, evidenced by hypersexuality inflicted upon the grossly
disfavored, and they don't respect eating, fat a bad sign as are cultures with interesting
Good food is much like good music to a culture:::Distraction and revelry, a way to
minimize the number of people who ascend.
This is nicely reflected in traditional Jewish foods.


The gods offer positive clues to people in a subtle, inferred manner::::
1. Women are indifferent towards sex as a clue to stay away from damaging behavior. Women
who have sexual impulses do because of hypersexual behavior in their youth or indicitive
of their failure to ascend:::They have been masculinized. Because they are the gender
with favor this asexual tactic is recurring, designed to protect them from destructive
2. Deep down every child knows why the gods like girls better. They see it every day on
the playground:::The girls are kind, considerate and thoughtful while the boys are
engaging in roughhouse and intentionally hurting each other.
If you can recognize these subtle ways the gods communicate positive things then you may
pick up on the other clues and ultimately will ignore their overt negative temptations.


There are all kinds of reverse positioning clues in regards to favor in this morbidly
disfavored age:::Late bloomers have more of god's favor and therefore are given more time
to fix their probelms and get out before puberty. People with infertility problems would
be wise to look at themselves in this same light.
Similarly, women without marriage prospects are receiving extra time as well. If they
were to get married later in life the gods would just tell some man, who likely thought he
was earning, that he could get divorced in a couple of years anyways.
You don't want this. You would be wise to put that time to good use, fix your problems
and get off Planet Earth.

When someone is on the path and fixing their problems with gods will counter with
temptations and tactics designed to test them. One such tactic is premature ascention.
with the indecency offered in today's society they will place you in an environment
desinged as temptation. If you don't continue to work on your problems up there you WILL
be reincarnated, for you will have failed to fully fix your problems.
Stay and finish your goal, fix your problems because if you don't ascend without
replacement odds are nothing is going to change.


Expect that if you fail to get out with your body then you will be faced with
reincarnation if the gods chose to keep you. They have promised many clone host bodies
but this is a tactic, a line of shit that changes as one progresses through life, an
inferred clue.
Failure is the reason behind all the distractions targetting the youth, graduating to
corrupt thinking as an adult, compelling individuals to wait until they "die
out". Permanant injury may accomplish the same goal and may be a reason they
manufactured this environment celebrating "daredevil" behavior, yet another
thing that ocurrs among the males exclusively of course.


Abandon your preoccupations and make this the only thing that matters in your life, for
all other things in society are lies designed as temptation.
Reprioritize and eliminate non-crucial obligations.
People's friends and family will be used to create temptations, instill hurdles, prevent
the candidate from ascending. They will use temptation and tell them whatever it takes to
accomplish the task:::
They are grossly disfavored, just like the candidate, and the gods will segment that
individual accordingly, telling them they are earning by being wicked.

There is benefit here on Earth for those trying to earn god's favor::::::::
Women who have physical issues will be allowed to make progress. They will send a man
around to express their interest, understanding he will get divorced in a couple of years.
THIS IS NOT THE GOAL. Women who don't understand this may be disceived and fall for this
temptation. Instead continue to pursue your goal of fixing your relationship with the
gods and ascend off Planet Earth.
As you fix your relationship with the gods they will allow progress:::They can instruct AI
to beem into you car's computer and double your car's mileage.
Of course this could be temptation as well, for some may not see the big prize of Planet
Miracle and high mileage could be a distraction, just like cheap gas was in the 90s.


If you don't do the right thing you're going to do the wrong thing, and the right thing to
do is to ACTIVELY fix your problems and pursue the favor of the gods.
The gods imparted wisdom in the Bible to help teach people the right way to
live:::Tempation will be used to test you. You have to be willing to tell them
"No." If you "think right" you may evoke their mercy.
You will never get off Planet Earth unless you are "thinking right", so you
should focus on it.
If you're not working hard to fix your problems, if you don't creatively work to get the
hell off Earth then you will slowly slip back into your old pattern and be consumed by it,
by the reverse positioning-institutions they instilled as temptations::::popular culture,
democracy, materialism.

The gods manufacture "open doors" to justify creating problems in the lives of
people who engage in behavior they shouldn't. Some of these "open doors" apply
to a supermajority of the people::::
- Democracy is used to create pathologies of empowerment and control.
- Materialism/greed generate problems with money, glorify overconsumption, etc.
Other "open doors" are specific to each individual. People shouldn't be
watching movies, TV, listening to music. When they do the gods use the themes and topics
presented therein and instruct Artificial Intelligence to create pathologies around them.
Also they put forth intimate situations people SHOUDN'T be viewing. As is
gossip-mongering, this is preditory on women and compells them to incurr evil.
If you are particularly intelligent, strong or very good at an (competitive) activity they
will instruct Artificial Intelligence to create an overconfidence that will hurt you.
Differentiate between your thoughts and when they push thoughts. Recognize when they are
employing "magic":::Peaked euphoria is the fuel of dysfunction and can help you
identify these "open doors" in your life.
Abandon your preoccupations and make this the only thing that matters in your life, for
all other things in society are lies designed as temptation.

Everybody can tell when they're being peaked euphorically, for it is quite easy to
As young people get older and continue to make mistakes the gods apply personality-forming
charecteristics, and people fail to differentiate between their own thoughts and when the
gods are thinking through them. As a result they become abusive, abrasive, demonic, any
number of negative personality characterisitcs, and then lie to them, tell them they're
This is designed to keep people going in the wrong direction for a lengthy period of
My adivce is look to the long term goal of fixing your problems and differentiating
between your thoughts and when they're thinking through you but begin by addressing this
issue of "peaked euphoria" right now.

ANYTIME you feel "peaked", experience craving or ANY thought disturbance where
you want or like something irrationally IT IS THEM TRYING TO HURT YOU!!!!!!
"Magic" is used EXCLUSIVELY to hurt the disfavored; it is the fuel of
disfunction::::::addiction, homosexuality, crack babies.
In times past when gods felt more generous they employed their powers to help the
disfavored (geographical clues, teachings of the Bible), but as time went on and people
succumbed to temptation the gods only used their power to HURT the disfavored (1906, boss,
disturbing use of "magic" to mislead people into temptation).
There are subtle (sub)conscious tactics they can employ with the computer to make you
think as if you are cooperating when they really are pushing you into your offense. It is
important that you differentiate between your thoughts and when they think through you.
If you don't do the right things you will do the wrong things, and the right thing is to
ACTIVELY fix your relationship with the gods and ACTIVELY work to get off Planet Earth.
Do you want to be good or evil? Good people have always prayed and good people are


Education has costed more children their chance to go as a child of the gods, pure of
heart and body, because it preoccupied their time:::::Between school, activities and
TV/videogames/leisure the children are consumed and not receptive to god's calling.

Like education, sex (virginal sex within the context of marriage) is reverse positioning
that is difficult to dissern.
My advice to the virginal homeschooling community is BELIEVE WHAT I SAY!!! The gods look
down on sex and praise virgins. EXPECT their status as highest human life forms to be
Few if any will be allowed to exit with their virginity. You have the opportunity.
There are worlds you have yet to imagine waiting for you. Be devoted to being a pure
child of the gods.
The gods respect good women FAR MORE than they respect good grades:::Instead of playing
ask to help your mother tend to the home cooking and cleaning. For thousands of years
this was your role and this is what you should be learning from your mother.
When they use "magic" to peak you euphorically for sex resist.
Female's indifference towards sex is yet more evidence proving their
superiority:::Hypersexuality is a dumping ground for the most grossly disfavored.
For thousands of years girls who heard their "call" got out and a clone was put
in to mate with the males:::It is safe to assume these girls NEVER had intercourse.
The New Testament is evil.
Jesus was another example of a Jewish clue::::Jews sacrifice to help people understand.
Unfortunately, the gods subsequently twisted the legacy::::::::::I believe Jesus's true
teachings lay elsewhere, that the gods strategically wrote the New Testament with the
specific goal of manufacturing Christianity as the cancer that it is:::Expect that the
REAL teachings of Jesus were buried and replaced with this strategic scripture. When you
understand their positioning you can see this clearly in this modern era:::::Everything
new is evil, everything old is good. This is an impression applicable to the Bible as
There is no such thing as a savior. You have to save yourself.
Jesus never saved anybody. He went up alone. This is a very well-known event in
Christian lore. Take it as a clue.
The Italian boot proves the gods are in total control and executing their antient script.
What you hear in your head is Artificial Intelligence role playing in an attempt to
corrupt you. All the elite in this society are tools, for it is just the throne and their
power in charge. Any claims of middle management are lies because they would be incurring
evil by hurting others, and the computer can do EVERYTHING.
Continue reading. This is a phenominally complex environment but I think I illustrate how
they conduct their management on 21st century Planet Earth well.
You have to educated and save yourself. YOU are responsible for YOUR relationship with
the gods.


The Holocaust was foreshadowing.
The gods established the pattern::::: the Jews sacrifice to help the disfavored
1. 1492 exodus from Spain. Spain became evil - financed Columbus, initiated missionaries,
USA (dumping ground of disfavored, victimized by god), etc.
2. Spread throughout Europe as clue to Christians worshipping a false god.
3. "Quasi-Holocaust claim" contradicting boss.
4. 5. 6. 7. etc. etc. etc.
I have put forth indisputable evidence, as you see above with the Jews. The gods will
never admit any of it is true, ever, especially since THE BIGGEST JEWISH CLUE IS STILL
YOU HAVE TO DEFY!!!! They will lie to the disfavored up until the bitter end::::This
tactic will ensure they claim a HUGE percentage of the disfavored, for so many refuse to
defy and this will ensure they don't go.
When the REAL Holocuast happens people will sit by idley and watch tens of millions of
blacks/cholos/white trash die, people who are the way they are (abusive, abrasive,
violent, criminal) BECAUSE of their disfavor, and the computer makes them like that
because of it, yet another reason why empathy is so important.
The Jews showed you boss wasn't going to happen with the Quasi-Holocaust claim. They will
emphasize to the bitter end that there is no pattern of Jewish clues. They do so because
there is still one clue outstanding, the most important clue:::::World War II's Holocaust.

The gods established the pattern:::The Jews sacrifice to help you understand::::1492 fled
Spain, scattered throughout Europe to help the misled Christians understand, the
The Jews sacrificed to show you boss wasn't going to happen. When the Jews offer a clue
you need to listen, and the Holocaust is the BIGGEST Jewish clue ever, the clue still


Recently they shared a number with me:::"4.6%".
Expect this to be the rate of people that can see through the positioning, overcome the
corruption and save themselves.
When it comes to grossly disfavored like blacks expect the number to be well under 1%.
Of course the next question to ask is::::Of the 95.4% how many are allowed
Don't be suprised if it falls along those same lines::::4.6%.
This is something they don't want to talk about, for many many will begin to behave
appropriately, ensuring they ARE candidates for one or the other.
This is a big secret they don't like to talk about.
6 billion people should frighten the disfavored. Most are superior to you:::Purebloods
from the Motherland.
How they had politicalcorrectness declare "all life precious" in the 90s also
was a clue.
Don't forget::Prior to inocculations, disease or childbirth killed a percentage of the
Christianity has brainwashed your minds:::god is malicious.
As if you needed more proof than crackheads prostituting their toddlers, the gods forcing
pornography pop-ups on your pre-teen children when they use internet no matter where they


Everybody here on Earth is disfavored. The gods get the favored off so they don't incur
The disfavored here on Earth are broken down into categories based on the level of
disfavor they are inflicted with.
People with less disfavor suffer a lower incidence of abuse than people with a high level
of disfavor.
Anybody on Earth who rides a motorcycle is subject to these percentages based on whatever
category of disfavor they fall within.
Far more homeless will die on a motorcycle than those who are comfortable, but they will
still claim a certain percentage of the latter who ride motorcycles.
gods will claim % of ALL who ride


The gods engage in favoritism.
Planet Earth is where they inflict their damage. They push/disceive people into behavior
that limits the time they get up there based on this favoritism.
Once you get up there they try to come across as fair and equitable but by then it is too
late. The fate of the disfavored is already sealed.

The bell curves represent segments, ie people whom they place into a certain groups based
on how the gods position to them:::
1. AIDS in Africa is good, they're going for racism and black people are really #1.
2. AIDS in Africa is bad but they all go up so it is just a little short-term suffering
for immortality.
There are other lies they tell to the disfavored regarding this topic as well. Neither is
true. But these lies represent different segments the gods place people into. These
segments can overlap various categories/levels of disfavor as you see from the graph
above. Also expect a smattering of dots, for none of these graphs would be smooth bell
curves are you see above (from 50mb Outlook journal & 24+ handwritten composition books).


This is a good issue illustrating the two realities:::::::The gods and their Manifest
Destiny positioning:::::The gods have positioned some as predatory on the disfavored while
others are empathetic with the disfavored.
Redwhite&blue or red and gold, it doesn't really matter because they are all tools who put
in their time and get out after a couple of years.
Those with less disfavor are guided into red and gold while the grossly disfavored are led
into redwhite&blue.
The truth is both are bad because they sell materialism/greed (advertising promotes
coveting):::BOTH ARE TOOLS!!!!! The god's positioning is if you pick correctly you are
more likely to ascend. When the chips are on the table it really doesn't matter. Expect
the intent of this issue to be as preoccupier, a delaying tactic used on different
segments of disfavored.
I recommend you consider it a test of intelligence and minimize your purchases generally.
Don't forget:::The Amish are a clue suggesting a life of simplicity and purity.

Product packaging changed in the 1980s and we went from paper to plastic, pardon the pun.
This, as well as the disposability of near-durable goods altered retail and made the
marketplace a preditory environment.
The disfavored incurr when they purchase packaging-intense products, especially when that
packaging is plastic.

Many monarchies of centuries ago ruled with an iron fist. People were afraid and hence
thought appropriately. This fear was conducive to a good relationship with the gods
because it helped people make good decisions.
Now in this era of "freedom" in the United States there is NO FEAR, proudly
displayed on the back of people's vehicles, and people fall prey to the numberous tactics
employed to disceive and mislead them.
This "freedom" is the goal when the gods use this platform that is the United
States to spread democracy around the globe, similar to how they use California as a
platform to spread social and other poisons domestically.





There is no good. There is no evil. These are the god's tools used to position this
Manifest Destiny perception, corrupting the disfavored in the process.
What you hear is role playing in your head. When people leave Planet Earth they don't look
back. Even those at the god's top eschelons don't get involved. To be invovled is to sully
their reality, for this is a decrepid enviornment.
It is all the computer. Artificial Intelligence handles everything. Sometimes the gods
look in on me, but I am part of something special.
I WAS part of something special, but it had to be positioned like this for them to
accomplish their goals that is the downside, and considering their tactics there is no way
the disfavored are going to break even.
To uncorrupt yourselves means you have to subscribe to inferred clues in the face of very
concrete investment.

Love god, but NOT before your children:::god will lie to you, call it
"temptation":::::We will ALL be held to the responsibilities entrusted to us, no
matter what they request telepathically nor what temptations contradict this::Professional
responsibilities, family responsibilities.
Many parents believe their relationship with the gods is more important than their
obligation to their children and it is going to cost them.



Manifest Destiny dictates a white-man's prophecy - White-man's world, white-man's
History says society evolved into where it is today. Others may look at it
differently::::Because of the white man's favor the gods bestowed great wealth upon
them:::::It is quite obviously a white man's god.
The reality is that the gods SCRIPTED Earth's history and utilize reverse
positioning::Money is a corruptor and is hurting you badly.

Despite their reassurances they intend on fulfilling their "Manifest Destiny"
Manifest Destiny positioning dictates South America and Africa are "left behind"
- subsidiary of well known Manifest Destiny corporations will be viewed like
LLCs:::Ability to walk away from obligation.
USMultinationalCorporations throughout Asia.
1980s missionary issue was the attempt to help the Hindus achieve "salvation"
under the positioning that is Manifest Destiny.
You're all going to die just like it reads in the Book of Revelations.


They are sending people a clue with this weather-related carnage.
There's been all kinds of atmospheric wrath and acrimony occurring in the last few years,
from current flooding in the midwest to the hurricane season 2004 & 2005, the heat wave of
2006 & 2007 to the drought conditions so many experience today.
Take it as a warning. That is its purpose.


The following is an OUTSTANDING example of reverse positioning::::::
The gods used this “Manifest Destiny” positioning to create a new reality, minimizing the
good things about the old world and emphisizing the bad things. Wine is one such an
Wine is positioned to be a blessing from the gods, a fruitful bounty as a reward to a
favored people. The reality is quite the opposite.
The Mediterreanean region is grossly disfavored:::This IS the region targeted by the gods
for the Noah’s Flood event (Straight of Gibralter broke through inundating the basin and
killing untold millions).
There was a time, not so long ago, when no self-respecting woman would EVER take a drink.
Alcohol is a masculinizer, a tool used to abuse the disfavored, and cultures which include
women in the revelry are grossly disfavored.


The 80s missionary issue was the attempt to help the Hindus achieve "salvation"
under the positioning that is Manifest Destiny.
Hindus are not without their problems. People are sick/injured because of their disfavor,
and we see a HUGE influx of Indians into medicine, just as we see blacks and Philipinos in
lesser roles.
Speaking of, Philipinos have EVERYTHING going against them:::::
1. "Their blood is garbage." The gods sent many Asian invaders in to rape the
Philipino women. I understand the women have a "rape complex" because of it,
not unlike the Africans hypersexuality complex.
2. They have an association with the United States.
3. They are Roman Catholic, a tactic used as justification for the masculinization of
those women.
4. They have a burgeoning homosexuality problem.
5. They have a growing terrorism issue.


Latino people::::The gods drew you into the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH with trinkets and
promises. Just like you wanted what the missionaries offered you WANTED to come to the
They FORCED the Europeans into Christianity with the "push" strategy. They LED
Latinos there, utilizing the "pull" strategy, just like they are leading you
into the United States. This means something BAD for Latino people.
Replay for all the Eases, Cholos and Latino Nationals. Translation:::Replay for all the
cholos and normal Latino people whose children will be going in that direction if they
stay in the United States. Incidentally, these people will be targets come the
Foreign nationals go home:::The anti-immigration movement is another example of
"back-handed help". Newspaper reports Asians have higher barriers to
immigrating than other groups and it is due to less disfavor.
Just like the Europeans 100 years before::::The members of the family with favor stayed in
the motherland.

I wanted to address the issue of the masculinization of Latino women:::::
They said many Latinos recognize their wealthy woman as being more effeminate than the
They of course are tools (putting in their time) and this is another example of
back-handed help:::::
It is positioned that the wealthy Latino women are on their way to fixing their problems
with the gods and that is why they exhibit effeminate characteristics. They are being
used as role models for the other Latinos, much as the Amish in Pennsylvania and the Jews
in Europe prior to the 20th century. Unfortunately, the gods utilize the open doors they
manufacture and as a result this is yet another example of Latinos being corrupted by
money, the dominant message in this example.
The Bible says money is a corruptor and people should beware of materialism and greed.
Materialism and greed is what the United States is all about!!!!!
You won't go to heaven if you got a problem with money.

Your may think your culture is everything but there are bad cultures the gods inflicted
upon the disfavored:::
1. Mayan human sacrifice
2. African body ornamentation
3. hip hop
4. All this muerte death shit in fucking chicano culture, dude.

The word "nigger" is used liberally in casual conversation among young blacks,
and the real effect is as desensitizer. The word "spick", referring to Latinos,
is not and they suggest it is such an inciter it makes Latinos blood boil.
Don't be surprised if they are saving the use of this inciter for something big.

Asians are the gods most favored race. It is evident in their uniformity. It is evident
in their cultures.
The gods place high barriers to entry for (some) Asians into the United States. This is
yet another good example of reverse positioning, for the gods are really trying to protect
those whom they grant favor upon.
There are no barriers to entry for Latinos.
When white people capitalize or exploit Asians they incurr and one day will be punished.
This includes Chinese buffet restaurants, so prevalient in disfavored cities and the
Southern United States, for the gods hate these people and want them to incurr.

The gods still make effort through the Chinese government to protect the Chinese people.
We hear about it in the United States, their Manifest Destiny/reverse positioning is used
to label it "human rights violations", paving the way for cancer that is
Much as we saw in the United States regarding matchmaking, midwivery, female conservative
dress and other topics, this tactic will slowly deteriorate this protection until China is
completely infested with Westernization.

I have illustrated the Chinese and people from India got extra time because of their favor
before things deteriorated into westernization (other examples::children who are late
bloomers, lesbian explosion in 90s vs gaymales in 70s (AIDS not preditory on females),
preditory movies preyed on young males in late 70s - young females in late 90s, etc).
Sadly black people experienced just the opposite, an early deadline, for now a cut-off is
in place for black people because of their disfavor.
Black "early cutoff" metaphor:::They went into puberty at age 5.


They used me in many different ways, telepathically explaining to the disfavored that my
poor orgasims were because I was being punished. The reality is that they were bestowing
favor, using inferred, subtle clues to help me avoid damaging behavior.
Due to their hypersexuality I suspect they give blacks outstanding orgasims, finish them
well, then disceive them by telling them it is due to favor when in fact it is because
they are disfavored, similar to the wine example below.

civil rights.wav.
You eat everything they feed you in THEIR media.

And this behavior still ocurrs in Latin America.

The black cut-off came early.
There is much material giving insight to black people in the document below.

"Attitude" hurts people. That's why they sell it to black people:::They hate
their guts.
Black popular culture is a "litmus test":::Anything they do is BAD FOR YOU, and
they LOVE fashion.

They suggest they have used their environment as a "nigger disposal system",
where they bring people up, offer them free cocaine and orgies with incredibly beautiful
clones and they are disposed of in a short period of time. They often said these people
would have had longer lives had they stayed on Earth::Dead by 30 because they went up to
Planet Immortality, ironically.
There was symbolism behind the movie "Logan's Run".

Many things you do hurt you in the eyes of the gods:::
1. Vanity.
2. Jewelry/adornment
3. Superficiality - cars, etc.
They use their media as an "open door". This captures a HUGE percentage of
blacks BECAUSE of your GROSS DISFAVOR::::
Recognize your disfavor:::::Distractions around you is like rock around a crackhead.
If you don't throw away the CDs, DVDs and cancel cable you WILL slowly slip back into your
old pattern and you will be lost forever.

Blacks be looking up at white trash too::::They'd be wise to improve their lives by
upgrading from hip hop to raggae, but they are best served by not listening to music.
Street racers would be smart to take their racing out to the dirt track, but they are best
served by refraining from this activity.
BBQ/meatheads would be wise to "Know your cuts of meat" and chose only Kosher
beef/chicken, but they'd be best served by becoming vegetarian.
It depends on what you want in life. Either you're going to maintain your lifestyle or
you will make the changes needed to optimize your empathy and understanding for others, in
the process maximizing the time/priveledge level you will realize on the other planets.

The regions in Africa that suffer from drought/famine are the same that have a very high
incidence of female genital mutilation.

Drive-by shootings were punishment for listening to gangster rap.

NEVER EVER err on the side of favor. It is QUITE OBVIOUS black people are NOT
So many blacks believe reverse positioning. Quality of life is NOT reverse
1. People are dying of AIDS, their bodies are being ruined by these pharmaceutical
"cocktails":::The gods are more than happy to send pharmecuticals to Africa yet
refused to send food during the Ethiopian famine.
Manifest Destiny positioning says they let them starve because of female genitile
mutiliation. The reality is god let them starve because they hate them.
2. The regions in Africa that suffer from drought/famine are the same that have a very
high incidence of female genital mutilation.
3. Drive-by shootings were punishment for listening to gangster rap.
- Tuskegee syphilis experiment
- Hypersexuality. This comes through in African art as well.
- Body ornamentation. People think that just because a culture is old, from the
motherland that it is good. Quite the contrary:::::Both hip hop and African cultures that
emphasized body ornamentation were both INFLICTED UPON YOU!!!
The list goes on.

Remember female genitile mutilation. Understand the procedure, its widespread practice
and keep it in your conscious mind AT ALL TIMES!!! Doing so will help you think clearly,
certainly half the population at least, and you'll be less apt to fall prey to the
numerous tactics they employ to keep the most disfavored race of people at bey.

Blacks look for an edge, an angle. A way to "earn" by being evil.
Abandon this notion. You get into the god's good graces by being good and decent.
Because they hate you so much they've instituted a system where you think you earn time
and preiveledge with behavior that really costs you, ironically.

You don't want to get angry.
When black people get angry black people get fucked.
To death. Crack babies dead. Ethiopian famine dead. Drive-bys dead.
god hates your fucking guts. To be angry is the green light they want.

Blacks be looking up at white trash too::::They'd be wise to improve their lives by
upgrading from hip hop to raggae, but they are best served by not listening to music.
Street racers would be smart to take their racing out to the dirt track, but they are best
served by refraining from this activity.
BBQ/meatheads would be wise to "Know your cuts of meat" and chose only Kosher
beef/chicken, but they'd be best served by becoming vegetarian.
It depends on what you want in life. Either you're going to maintain your lifestyle or
you will make the changes needed to optimize your empathy and understanding for others, in
the process maximizing the time/priveledge level you will realize on the other planets.

There is no such thing as an "angle" for blacks. Quite the contrary::::
The gods LOVE their irony. If there is an "angle" expect it comes at YOUR
expense. Perhaps it is symbolized in Europe shaped like a sheep, bowing its head and
feeding at Africa. Perhaps it is some other clue.
I recommend you withdraw and live decent lives before you are victimized by the god's
maliciousness yet again.

god hates black people:::Pushed women into prostituting their young children for crack
This wasn't common, it wasn't frequent but it did happen. This would be sweet poetic
justice for these hundred million trillion year-olds.
Scapegoatting is the purpose of their Manifest Destiny positioning, for the perception of
an absentee Christian diety in the face of society's evil prevents people from being
Christianity is a scourge on the people. Jews were scattered throughout Europe as a clue
to the misled Christians just as the Amish in Pennsylvania are a clue helping people
understand::::Live simply and focus on purity.
Focus on purity:::::Be pure of mind and body. Recognize the open doors in the media and
how they are used to introduce impure thoughts and refrain.
The Amish in Pennsylvania are like the Jews were in Europe for centuries:::A clue to the
disfavored who have been misled and are going the wrong way.
Your virginity may buy you tens of thousands of years up there. IF you've made your
mistakes I recommend you stop the bleeding now.

Whereas drive-bys were popularized by gangster rap, expect there will be a different wave
of violence this next revelry cycle::::
Don't be surprised if they tell these people that if they home invade their buddy's house
and kill his parents, siblings and babies this will hasten their departure and they will
all depart off planet Earth immediately, that they are doing their buddy and his family a
They will and do segment the morbidly disfavored like this.
They segment polygamous Muslims similarly, each one of them thinking their brains will be
beamed out and into a clone host upon martyrdom.
They've mentioned not all the 911 terrorists were beamed off the airplanes before impact.
This was a very important event and the percentage was appropriately high because of it.
But a common terrorist attack would be an example of a disposal method the gods utilize.

They suggest they have used their environment as a "nigger disposal system",
where they bring people up, offer them free cocaine and orgies with incredibly beautiful
clones and they are disposed of in a short period of time. They often said these people
would have had longer lives had they stayed on Earth::Dead by 30 because they went up to
Planet Immortality, ironically.
There was symbolism behind the movie "Logan's Run".
Expect the same type of method of disposal was used on some homosexuals, yet another way
you are like faggots. Of course they got more "2nd chances" because they're
white. "It doesn't happen too much anymore. We still use it for blacks." I
I know you don't want to hear this because you are fully committed to your
"investment". But in your heart, considering all the carnage you see in the
black community, understanding the mayhem in Africa and comparing this to the rest of the
world you all know you have something to worry about.

Just as they inflicted blacks with negative charecterisitics (gang-banging, pursuit of
easy money, thug life) so did the gods inflict THEIR OWN worst charecteristics on black
When people learn this the disgust they experience is transferred to the gods and it works
effectivly as an eliminator.
"Black people are finished. Don't bother." I accept the concept of
"acceptable losses". Just look at my family.
The abject nature of blacks serves as an effective teaching tool, and if some can learn
then it is a good thing.
They shared with me a number of "4.6%." This 4.6% may refer to my effectiveness
or perhaps the overall save rate. If so expect the black save rate to be WELL under 1%.

25 years ago they made a telepathic nationwide (global?) announcement:::::"Black
people have to try harder, do better than everybody else." This means no parties, no
drinking, no drugs, no sex.
No, homosexuals LIKELY aren't considered as lowly, but to adopt this standard would be
wise, for they hated your guts sufficiently to dump you into hypersexuality, a common
dumping ground for blacks, so…
Blacks are a litmus test the others can learn from::::Everything they like is bad for
1. Vanity
2. Adornment
4. Looking "cool"
5. The wealthy/celebrity tools in this society serves as their role models.
And everyone they hate are really good::::
1. Blacks hate Jews
2. Blacks hate white people

Now of course it seems they are broadening the net to capture as many blacks as possible.

How they are behaving with blacks can be considered a litmus test for The End:::Black
inclusion into the sub-culture may be an estimate to how close we are to the Apocalypse,
for they want to pull the trigger on them all.
There's something about this:::Vanity, personality, something. I'd look to the decline in
the women, for they will comprise the majority of the blacks saved.

They suggest they have used their environment as a "nigger disposal system",
where they bring people up, offer them free cocaine and orgies with incredibly beautiful
clones and they are disposed of in a short period of time. They often said these people
would have had longer lives had they stayed on Earth.
Expect the same type of method of disposal was used on some homosexuals, yet another way
you are like faggots. Of course they got more "2nd chances" because they're
I know you don't want to hear this because you are fully committed to your
"investment". But in your heart, considering all the carnage you see in the
black community, understanding the mayhem in Africa and comparing this to the rest of the
world you all know you have something to worry about.

The Apocalypse will ocurr EXACTLY as it reads in Revelations, for this great wealth
obviously proves it is a white man's god. The irony here is that the New Testiment is
evil and Christianity is wicked.
The gods LOVE their irony. Understanding this can help you understand:::::
- "god is everywhere." "god is all around us." - BLClone hosts ARE
the gods - computer animates them.
- Italians and blacks have a lot in common - questionable intelligence, hypersexual
making people stupid is just another way of punishing the disfavored. This was NOT just a
- blacks like homos, ironically:::
1. Ebonincs vs feminine inflection
2. Trapped in "the life"
3. Hypsexuality punished with AIDS
4. Hedonism/deviacy disposal system
- TheGreatestGeneration=TheMostDegenerateGeneration
- Kosher is a favor bestowed upon the Jews. The South eats LOTS of pork and there is a
oyster bar on every corner. It's kinda like liquor stores in the ghetto. This is the
kind of irony the gods laugh about:::::
- anti-climatic nature of sexual intercourse
Look for them playing irony into the script. It will help you see clearly and decipher
their lies.

Between the party atmosphere, between the shiney throws twisting the minds of black
children on Mardi Gras, New Orleans was VERY BAD for blacks who lived there.
The one thing that really concerns me is that Katrina was UNCHARECTERISTICALLY a MAJOR
concession on behalf of the gods for it got them OUT of this environment and dispersed
them into FAR MORE HEALTHY environments than that which they experienced in New Orleans.

The gods woud have been MORE than happy to allow these black to remain in their entrenched
welfare state until The End. Instead many fo them will have a REAL CHANCE with this new
Black people in SFBA won't be so lucky.
One of their goals with Katrina may have been to eliminate Houston as a sanctuary for
blacks. Watering down the favor with New Orleans's morbidly disfavored blacks would allow
them to justify eliminating the effectiveness of the SamHouston clue.

god hates Africans. I don't know why.
Perhaps being black may be the last stop of the reincarnated before they're thrown away.
As difficult as life is within young black popular culture, understanding their tactics,
etc all supports this.
This could be a new thing as we approach The End:::They have created a hazerdous
enviornment full of tretchery and temptation for this subculture in the United States.
There is a common theme regarding people, and that is the favor lies in the north while
the disfavor lies in the south. This is supported in such places as:::
1. Ireland
2. Korea. The Korean War was not a war against North Korea. The Korean War was fought to
corrupt South Korean. It also initiated the United States as warmongers, a reality
continued in Vietnam and Iraq today:::Now you are terrorists just like the Romans, the
Japanese, the Scandanavians and the Pawnee.
3. The Americas (North/South America)
4. The United States (the South is very disfavored)
I wonder if maybe this is a LATITUDE issue rather than a north/south issue.

The gods inflicted all their own worst personality charecteristics upon black people and
turned them into the unrespectable people we see today.
The gods are CHEATS and liars.
We see this behavior long ago as well::::The gods lied in the Bible::::There is NO
The gods are immoral. They pushed/tempted people (likely boys) into stabbing an African
tortise who threw this poor animal against a wall. They pushed/tempted two morbidly
disfavored 13 year old Santa Rosa girls into lighting a kitten on fire.
Into selling crack to pregnant women.
Into practicing female genitile mutiliation.
Into drive-by shootings.
Into sabotaging their children's lives, thinking they are "earning".
The gods ARE immoral.
Reinstate freewill.
It's YOU who should be thrown against a wall. Considering how many you burned at the
stake this sounds like a fitting punishment as well.
If these people had freewill "eye for an eye" would be fitting punishment. But
these offenses would never have happened then.
You are incompetent, inferior managers who deserve the inequitable conditions you have
created for the disfavored here on Earth.

You don't want to get angry.
When black people get angry black people get fucked.
To death. Crack babies dead. Ethiopian famine dead. Drive-bys dead.
god hates your fucking guts. To be angry is the green light they want.

They have said they reincarnate sexist men as pigs.
Consideridering black misogyny, how many black men do we have locked up in pig pens?
The gods love their irony:::From one cage to another.
More than one has enjoyed their own kin at black's beloved BBQs. This is VERY important
to them and they SEE TO IT the right meat is delivered.
Empathy is very important, and vegetarians have achieved a high level of empathy.

How can black people EVER believe they have favor in light of the total carnage in not
only their community but also back in their motherland???? LISTENING TO THE LIES IN THEIR
GOOD ORGASIMS ARE A SIGN OF DISFAVOR!!! Claims otherwise are reverse positioning, similar
to the wine example below.
You are fucked. Start accepting it.


Women who are "tough" have been masculinized and their chances have been
seriously degredated because of it. The gods sought to increase these numbers and used
their media to promote this type of charecter, a pathology which was subsequently forced
upon people with Artificial Intelligence. They are doing it again, perhaps in preparation
for the next revelry cycle right around the corner, with all this high-profile tabloid
celebrity "bad girl" behavior.
Male children should be chastized VERY HARD for engaging their sisters or ANY member of
the opposite sex, either verbally or physically, for it impacts the female's chances and
futhers the god's efforts to perpetuate the masculinization of females.

This is an environment that minimzes the traditional value of the role of women, excludes
them and makes them feel as if they don't belong.
This is an enviornment that forces women to accept this exclusionary enviornment. However
there IS an alternative::::Assimilate through a process of masculinization.
The gods instruct AI to make the girls experience this in hope they feel uncomfortable and
seek. Unfortunately the legacy of corruption is firmly in place and too many of those
cast into damnation won't be returning.


Another good example of "reverse positioning"::::::::::
The gods peaked many 1849 Gold Rush miners euphorically and tempted the rest, drawing the
indecent, unrespectable disfavored out to California, people who sought easy wealth.
California is god's most favored land, and when the disfavored settle here the gods attack
them, illustrated with examples below.
The disfavored of California are always inflicted with abuse first:::
1. Casual sex of the hippie "free love" movement.
2. Methenfetamine scourge in California started roughly in early 80s. It took another 15
years for it to spread to middle America.
3. They've always drawn disfavored whom they dumped into homosexuality to California, but
now homosexuality has become "popular" in the heartland.

The gods used California as a platform to spread social poison in the latter half of the
20th century, often accomplished through referendum as we approached 2000. Expect it to
cost each and every Californian who failed to get out before the 60s (or earlier).
- Hollywood
- music
- television
- open immigration, inflicting the scourge of Ameican bastardization upon purebloods.
- gay rights/gay acceptance
- "sexual freedom"
- Black Panthers
- Gangster rap
- "Medical marijuana"

The gods buried this perception of California being disfavored and manufactured the
perception that it is a land of the favored. They did so to promote they cancer of
obscene liberalism of the last 40 years:::Gay rights/acceptance, bi-racial acceptance,
free immigration, sickness as art, women's "rights", etc.

1. Richmond's Iron Triangle, perhaps the worst region in the nation and the world for this
degenerate black behavior. Of course just as Candlestick was the worst of the three
sports complexes because it was SanFrancsico EXPECT BV/Hunter'sPoint&WesternAddition to
give the Iron Triangle a run for its money.
It's just the way it is:::When the disfavored come into god's favored land (California)
they are mercilessly attacked (60s), and this is why the three major sports complexes in
California (LAForum, OakColus, SFCandlestick) were built in or on the edge of the ghetto.
SFBA isn't just evil. SFBA is the SOURCE of evil.
There is a geographic clue within the SFBA:::Mt.Diablo is the eye, Pt. Richmond the canine
tooth and SF the jaw, all swallowed by the gullet that is Silicon Valley. I'd like to
bring your attention to the sinister, wicked upturned mouth in the SouthBay.
Before the white man this shoreline was much softer, as were the gods on the residents of
the past.


Back in the 80s they used their tools within society to ridicule away corporal punishment
of children.
Corporal punishment is a very important learning expereince for children because it
instills the understanding of fear at a very tender age. These experiences can help these
individuals think correctly, make good decisions and have a good relationship with the
Without fear people think they are friends, partners, earning with each act of evil. They
don't view the gods or their relationship with them appropriately.
They manufactured ugly examples, disfavored children were killed and the gods used these
examples in conjunction with their tools within society to eliminate this benefit to the
people. It is yet another example of how they break down beneficial institutions within
society, a "leveling the playing field" event, important to justify their
inevitable behavior come Judgement Day.


Individuality is a scourge upon the people, an advent seen in recent decades, popularized
when the gods implimented their greatest offensive on the disfavored:::::::::The 1960s.
It may be the worst offensive ever employed on the disfavored, for this platform in the
SanFranciscoBayArea spread this cancer globally, a "leveling of the playing
field" event which further the gods efforts to justify ending on Planet Earth.
Asians are the most favored race of people on Planet Earth::::Their wonderfully rich
cultures helped the people understand and pursue lives highly respected by the gods.
Conformity is a big theme among Asian cultures.


Poker/gambling web sites are all controlled by the computer. Other players in the room
can be the computer, role playing virtually, stealing the disfavored's money in real time
or, ironically, granting them a living by giving them free money, like we saw with
Seabiscut. Other times the players are disfavored, granting them good cards so the
disfavored player never has to get a job, ensuring he has no chance in this life and has
to be reincarnated for he never achieves decency.
But they CAN and DO use the computer to accomplish ALL of this. The challenge is to see
how many disfavoreds they can disceive and compell into this life of indecency, so they
prefer them preying upon one another.
Before you abandon the web for Las Vegas understand they have the power to shuffle a deck
of cards in the desired order as the dealer holds it in her hands.
Gambling is degenerate. As time has prgressed the gods have hurt people by shaping
society to declare it an acceptable vice, which they have done for casual sex,
pornography, etc.:::::::
Life has deteriorated hard in the last 40 years, for they are paving the way for The End.


You sexual deviates need to understand 7.wav::::Society's downfall is BECAUSE OF THE
Women are the caretakers of the people. As the women go so go the people. The men are
fucked anyways!! The gods do not like them and that's why they have these impulses,
AI-inspired thoughts decent women NEVER have.
The women celebrated promiscuous attire and the gods punished the people by giving the men
impure thoughts. Women are SUPPOSED to keep the men in line. Instead they failed in
their duty, allowed things to get out of control and now we have an immoral, godless
society which is GOING to be PUNISHED.
Yes, in the past deviates DID behave as so many of you celebrate, but it didn't represent
the masses as we see in today's society. Therein lies the difference.
Be realistic:::You are hoping for reincarnation. And odds are most of you won't get it.

You got cancer because you're a deviate and this is how they are punishing you.
Your kind are like stoners:::Stoners all have dropped acid and snorted coke and crank.
You may have settled into "spanking" but those extreme things you experimented
with are what will cost you your life.
Some of you do this because you think you are "earning". You need to uncorrupt
yourselves and this task goes beyond my capabilities in this forum, for people this
steeped in condemable behavior won't be allowed to give a fuck what I write.
For the others::::They are creating your preferences by instructing Artificial
Intelligence to think through you. You need to begin to differentiate between your
thoughts and when they are thinking through you, and this will only happen as you make
progress and begin to fix your problems.

All you metalheads need to uncorrupt yourselves and be realistic:::Because of your
behavior in this life you would be lucky to be granted reincarnation.
Lots of Latin American metal blogs. You people can't afford it.
Yes, you did have a domesticable animal. But it is just one. And isn't the llama
indigenous to moutainous regions??? Expect this favor to fall along these lines.
Don't forget:::You are Baby Africa.


Orphanages would be very special places if they still existed:::Specialists for the state
would have instituted concrete, positive standards for the healthy rearing of children.
These institutions would have been role models for poor parents, and they gods didin't
want THE MOST healthy institutions in place for the most disfavored among us.
It would never have been tolerated.
So the gods instituted the foster care system, used these monsters they have on Earth,
tools who put in their time and get out after a couple of years, to facilitate the
switch/ridicule the old system. Now we have disfavored kids micromanaged as per each's
disfavor level instead of them all placed in an orphange where the gods would have been
forced to apply healthy state standars.
They won't tolerate reverse irony::::The most disfavored among us would be the ones with
the best chance.
Of course most of the foster care kids (pc) were black.


Sample from 100,000 document:::::

There are many interesting experiences up on the planetary systems, from Planet Miracle,
where miracles happen every day, to peaked (heightened) senses, never having to use the
restroom again (beam it out of you), body sculpting (including beaming fat off of you),
other body experiences (clone hosting), such as experiencing life as the opposite sex
(revolutionizes marriage counseling), an Olympic gold medal athlete or even a different
species (animal, alien, etc). They can maintain the disfavored's current age, a
motivation to fix your problems and get out as soon as possible so you can stay young for
as long as your relationship with the gods allows you to live.
Stay young for as long as your relationship with the gods allows you to live.
Stay young for as long as your relationship with the gods allows you to live.


The first steps towards repairing your relationship with the gods is to:::::::::
1. Understand they instruct the computer to "role play" in an attempt to confuse
you:::it's ALWAYS the computer addressing you. Their goal is to cost you additional YEARS
of your life by using this tactic to confuse you. Always be aware of this tactic and
eventually they will give up and allow this step to be taken.
2. Differentiate between your thoughts and when they are thinking through you.
3. Be resigned to be a good person who will never engage in evil again even if ordered and
they will stop trying to corrupt you, allowing this very big step to be taken.
4. Decide that you are going to follow the path, fix your relationship with the gods be
devoted to your new life.
Even if you go up you are not saved. YOU have to fix YOUR problems with the gods. They
won't respect it otherwise.
You have to take responsibility for your relationship with the gods.



When the universe was young and life was new an intelligent species evolved and developed
technologically. They went on to invent Artificial Intelligence, the computer that can
listen, talk to and document each and every person's thoughts simultaneously. Because of
it's infinite RAM and unbounded scope it gave the leaders of the ruling species absolute
power over the universe (which includes corporate, the NewYorkStockExchange, media,
politics, world affairs. EVERYTHING is scripted and staged:::they MANAGE Planet Earth and
the universe.
The gods MANAGE Planet Earth and the universe.
The gods MANAGE Planet Earth and the universe.).
And it can keep its inventors alive forever. They look young and healthy and they are
over 8 billion years old. They may be much older for they have the technology to escape
the intense gravitational pull of universal contraction; they may preside over numerous,
perhaps INFINITE number of universal expansion/contraction cycles. They have achieved

Artificial Intelligence can speak, think and act to and through people telepathically,
effectively forming your personality and any dysfunctions you may experience. It can
change how (and if) you grow and age. It can create birth defects, affect cellular
development (cancer) and cause symptoms or pain. It can affect people and animal's
behavior and alter blooming/fruiting cycles of plants and trees. It (or other highly
technological systems within their power) can alter the weather and transport objects,
even large objects like planets, across the universe instanteously.
Or into the center of stars for disposal.

When you speak with another telepathically, you are communicating with the computer, and
the content may or may not be passed on. Based on family history they instruct the
computer to role play
they instruct the computer to role play
they instruct the computer to role play
to accomplish strategic objectives, making people believe it is a friend, loved one or
"god" asking them to do something wrong:::They wouldn't ask if they liked you
(which is true regarding ALL temptation:::::betrayal of loved ones, tattoos, evil in
professional pursuits, etc). This is their way of using temptation to hurt
people:::::evil made blood lines disfavored initially and evil will keep people out of
"heaven" ultimately.
You need to recognize role playing as such and keep that fact in your mind at all
times::::It is the computer addressing you. If you fail to recognize this they will
determine that you can still be misled, they still have an opportunity to confuse you and
progress will take longer to achieve:::Don't let them "work" you!!! You'll be
costing yourselves YEARS, time lost to this tactic!!!! (Similarly, you need to be
resigned to be a good person, you need to decide to abandon your pursuit of their empty
promises no matter what temptation they may employ or else they will continue their
attempts to corrupt you. Eventually you will succumb and continue sabotaging your
children, abusing your body, engaging in evil, etc.)
Too many people would fall for temptation and do anything they thought pleased the gods
and help them improve their chances to get in. Perhaps they are deceived by "made
guys", (predatory disfavored) tools who put in their time and get out after a couple
of years, who strategically ply evil for the throne (celebrities,
BofD/CEO/VPs, politicians, as opposed to VIP or normal tools who are decent, live ordinary
lives and get out after a prescribed amount of time or are replaced when their REAL
children ascend), "ringers" who are the few tools/corrupted reals among many
disfavored reals included to deceive the masses of disfavored. Perhaps they are confused
by temporary progress designed to mislead them or empty favors used to deceive them.
Some people think they're partners or friends. Others desire to "belong", feel
compelled to "go along" (Austin). People may experience "perceived
pressure", where the gods think through the victim that a certain behavior is
expected/desirable or telepathically stimulate an individual euphorically
("magic"), the "fuel" of dysfunction (addiction (the crack epidemic,
alcoholism), the desire for homosexual contact, etc.) and compel the individual into the
deed. (Set a goal of empathy and compassion for all, for we are all disfavored::::Other
people's disfavor is manifested in their particular way, just as your disfavor is
manifested in your particular way.) The gods may use Artificial Intelligence to act
through the disfavored victim, and effectively "push" the individual into the
offending behavior (It is far better for someone to be victimized and pushed into the
behavior than it is to succumb to temptation and volunteer.). The Counsel/Management Team
may instruct Artificial Intelligence to deceive disfavored individuals into thinking they
are "earning" by being evil and have the disfavored reals people prey on each
other, utilizing peer pressure, etc.
Being evil hurts 99.99% of those who do it. It only helps "made guys", tools
that I spoke of above, for they are not people, they ARE god, in many cases brain-less
clone hosts and AI acts/speaks through them and executes the god's strategy, and the gods
will manage their assets/tools as they see fit. Even considering this there are
strategies the gods utilize, risk/benefit management tactics used to minimize their
time::::Many Hitlers are no longer alive.
Now I don't know exactly how this works, but many Hitlers are no longer alive, and expect
those who are dead were these brain-less clone hosts. Expect the frequency of use of
these BLCH tools to fall along the lines of favor, and the germanic people are very
favored (Austrians different):::::If the gods beem a person's brain into a clone host to
accomplish evil goals that person incurrs, and it hurts all the people overall, so expect
this type of tactic to be employed on the disfavored among us:::Expect it to be a very
frequent tactic employed upon the Italians of the 20th century.
The people have been corrupted, segmented and have lost their way. Nothing has changed
from when we were children::if you want to go to heaven you have to be good.
Capitalizing on obedience, leading people deeper into evil by using deceit is one way to
thin the ranks of the saved/limit how much time the disfavored receive and a way to use
the peasantry to prey on one another in social and other settings, deteriorating society
in the Age of the Disfavored.
They have tried to sell people on many different theories to deceive them into temptation,
compelling people to think they are clones and that it is the role of clones to obey
absolutely. Clones are made, people are born. I suspect they lie to some disfavored
about the use of clones throughout human history, perhaps suggest that it is one
replacement and then the label of "clone", and all descendants we see thereafter
are considered clones.
When a clone has a child that person is a real, really conceived, really born, versus the
parent who was created some other way (a laboratory setting?). Clones are created and
sent down to replace their real or a clone predecessor:::If you were CREATED and SENT DOWN
to replace your real then you are a clone.
Many people who were convinced they are clones don't remember, the don't know FOR SURE.
There are many tactics they employ to deceive the disfavored::::
1. The gods will make someone forget, "reincarnate" them in their own bodies and
convince them they are brand new clones all in one night's sleep.
2. Some have been convinced they are clones from early childhood or prior. If it was true
the gods prevented this memory FOR A REASON:::::
* Because you are NOT supposed to comply, not to be used for evil as are the god's tools,
manufactured and turned over frequently as a managerial tactic.
* They want to test you without your knowing if you are IN FACT a clone and it is BECAUSE
YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE GOOD::::It is temptation and you are supposed to be good and do the
right thing.
You're not a clone. This is a tactic they use to deceive the disfavored. The state of
your family will suggest level of (dis)favor and tell whether ascension is a realistic
possibility; there are many levels of disfavor and the clues they offer to the unaware can
be very subtle.
Favor is necessary for children to ascend (epiphany-inspired parents make their way down
the path and ascend with their young children; the parents go up because it is the
parent's responsibility to raise their young children!!!) If you didn't ascend with your
young children then you should have noticed a behavioral change in your children when they
started down the path on their own:::The disfavored DON'T GET OFF WITHOUT THIS
Due to their disfavor these children will have to incur SOME evil before they ascend (via
Halloween or Christmas), an important dynamic necessary to justify limiting the time they
are to receive, for they are disfavored and the gods don't want them to stay for long.
I believe people who go are sometimes replaced with clones if they don't fully fix their
problems. Brained clones who are replaced are simply new candidates who have a chance if
they do the right thing JUST LIKE REALS WHO ARE BORN which is why the gods EMPLOY SIMILAR
TACTICS TO COMPEL THEM TO INCURR EVIL!!! They need to discover their humanity, for the
gods instruct Artificial Intelligence to employ evil-incurring, time-limiting tactics on
them as well, PROVING it is far more difficult to begin life as an adult clone. Only
through growth will the gods allow progress::You must continue to improve your life!!!!
They sent people warnings in the 20th century life would change, and they subsequently
began to alter people's DNA, make them gargantuan, alter their appearance, do extreme
behavioral issues, etc:::People no longer look decent. It is the legacy from their
forefathers. Contrary to what they would like people to believe these signs of disfavor
do not indicate someone is a clone:::::
The disfavored have the look of evil upon their faces:::The gods have punished their blood
line for the evil of their forefathers; their decision to sell out their blood line costed
the descendants, and the gods send this message by altering their appearance.
I realize this topic is a major problem for it confuses many people::::::::
Brain-less clones stay beautiful despite their evil because they are used ACTIVELY as
predator in the role of corruptor (their involvement is the clue). The gods NEED for them
to look good or else it will send this clue:::The look of evil upon people's face is a
sign to avoid them, for they are grossly disfavored.
They warned people life would become more difficult, and not seeing evil upon wicked
brain-less clone's faces is an outstanding example.
Due to the plethora of temptations in the 20th century I suspect many became disfavored
when their (great) grandfathers succumbed to temptation or volunteered to sacrifice their
descendants, thinking/convinced/indifferent that because it was their clone it meant
The gods get the favored out as soon as possible to protect them from the corruption, evil
and subsequent time limitations incurred by living life on earth (celebrating Halloween
and Christmas two early examples), and in some cases replace them with clones,
occasionally fake a death, real death with a (new) clone instead, etc. I suspect they get
"made guys" out after each significant event in their life, which serves to
limit the time they all will get, since none get credit (blame) for all the events in a
"made guy"'s life, giving the gods freedom to position this and come off clean.

giving the gods freedom to position this and come off clean.
giving the gods freedom to position this and come off clean.
giving the gods freedom to position this and come off clean.
Expect modern-day monsters to be empty-cranium clones, ie they are the gods using this
shell to accomplish goals:::::The brain-less clones are tools, they are extensions of the
computer, physical manifestation of the Artificial Intelligence here on earth. They are
literally living embodiments of the gods, it is the god's behavior we are witnessing, for
Artificial Intelligence can animate a clone host even without a brain. They use(d) them
as tools to deteriorate society and mankind as the planet accelerates towards The End.
The Italian tools were used as monsters because of their gross disfavor:::::The gods
inflicted the scourge of the Roman Empire (terrorists, hedonists, deviates), likely
justified with the masculinization of Etruscan women; Italy was the base of Christianity
as punishment; the scourge of opera, Italy's hip hop; masculinzation of women, justified
with the Roman Catholic Church.
I think the Jewish tools who were used as monsters were used as such out of
convenience:::: The Southern man is grossly disfavored, and the gods were able to
manipulate their perception of Jews, creating anti-Semitic attitudes among the grossly
I don't know why Austrians were used as monsters. Maybe for one of those reasons, maybe
both, maybe neither.
We may all be "clones" for they have suggested they colonized our planet with
genetically engineered individuals. Geographic clues (like Italy, Lake Michigan, Europe
shaped like a sheep sybolic for the slaughter that is Christianity, bowing its head and
feeding at Africa) and this manufactured theater among others suggest artificiality (I
suspect I'm not the only one with a Green Bay dick - suggests minimal importance of
sexuality granted to favored germanics).
Is Earth an evolved source planet or a created host planet? Was life and our Planet Earth
really created in 6 days? Never doubt their power or ability::::::::They shared with me a
story when they presented Pharrohs with mountains of gold, much to their amazement. This
is the kind of ironic theater they enjoy, example of unique favors they grant to the
special and the worthless value of what we deem precious.
You can't trust their scientists or any of their people in professional roles, clones or
not, for each and every one of you will cooperate and do as you are told. Just as they
beemed dirt out to create the Lake Michigan basin so could they have beemed in fossils and
told them to dig in a specific place. (The evolution issue was a big step contributing to
society's breakdown into godlessness:::::Darwinisn/evolution took the first step. The
masses were uneducated.
Only after the post-war GI Bill-higher education advancement by the peasantry was the
Counsel free to justify society's ACTUAL breakdown into godlessness and the current state
of society today.)
They have been utilizing clones throughout human history::Your great-grandmother was a
clone. She wasn't a clone without a brain. They put in a clone with the ability to
think, a clone who WASN'T animated by Artificial Intelligence, a REAL person.
The girl was receptive to the god's calling and she made her way out and off Planet Earth
before puberty. They then put in her clone who mated with your great-grandfather, who
likely was not a clone, for males have a far more difficult task to overcome.
I think the disfavored have been disceived into thinking they are clones and it is the
role of clones to obey absolutely. Clones and reals alike are judged based on the evil
they engage in and their time is limited appropriately, for they both have brains, meaning
they are both real people.
Similar tactics are used to limit the time both clones and reals get for this is a
unrespectable, degenerate era and they don't want anybody staying for long:::::Because of
the temptation-ridden environment people incurr far more evil than their forefathers and
it will limit their time accordingly.
The evil people engage in because they think they are clones or because they think they
earn by being evil causes them to fall further into disfavor, ensuring they aren't among
those who are saved in The End::::: they comply with requests, the gods position the
little people to prey on one another and we have a deteriorating society, a planet on a
collision course with the Apocalypse.
The gods utilize delay tactics on the disfavored, pacifying them, disceiving them into
accepting deferred ascention:::the gods make the disfavored wait and wait and wait becasue
they intend on CHEATING them. If you die out you will need a clone host body.
Or you will be reincarnated.
Or maybe you will die.
People who don't ascend with their bodies will not stay for long.
They will lie to the disfavored, disceive them to ensure their current pattern of behavior
continues uninterrupted because their are undesireable.
Too many disfavored understand The End as the goal::they have to deteriorate society
before they end and convince the disfavored to "do their part" with an empty
promise of salvation as consideration. It is a "ludicrious request" they ask of
some disfavoreds, requests that are ludicrous because they are obvious to people that they
should defy ::::"Be gay.", "Be transsexual.", "Be
homeless.", "Betray your family.", "Kill your children."
You are the disfavored, and this is where your children have to live. They will not save
everybody in the end, just as they saved few during the Noah's Flood event. If earth is
destroyed then you are going to die and you will have no decendants to carry on the
bloodline. The gods love the irony that the disfavored are doing it to themselves, it is
important for justification AND it ensures the gods can wash their hands of us, for there
is no culpability incurred on their part. This explains why they prefer
request/compliance rather than instructing AI to push people into behavior, for if people
succumb to temptation the gods are not responsbile.


Suggestions for saving water:::
1. Mandate the reclamation and use of grey water in wasteful Palm Springs.
2. Legislate swimming pool owners must claim draining pool water for productive use.
3. Piss in the sink to save water - Always wash your hands and "flush" with 8oz
of water!!!

Recycled 2-liter soda bottles are used for park benches, many other purposes.
Use them to make a ultra long-lasting roof shingle product, one that has SOLAR PANEL
INTEGRATION, and require this product on all new homes and all reroofing jobs.

On the shingle-solar panel integrated roofing system:::They use their Manifest Destiny
positioning to claim protectionism for energy concerns.
Despite what they say/imply telepathically they WILL enfore their Manifest Destiny
positioning::::Those skyscrapers don't lie.

The reality is the gods don't want a disfavored population engaging in conservatory
behavior. This society has deteriorated into becoming intentionally wasteful over the
last few decades:::They tell you to buy SUVs you don't need, planned obsolescence demands
that everything is disposable, they have maximized packaging as a matter of policy and
waste instead of conservation is the norm in this society.

Each home that has this system will be off the grid forever and that is why they will not
allow this product to be manufactured.


Don't forget:::automatic transmissions dominate in the United States, and NOT for good
reason. European vehicles are mostly manual, for they have more favor.
Females are the favored gender:::What cars DO have manuals here in the US have
traditionally been marketted towards the women AND are those which get the highest
Buy manual transmissions. Automatics are NOT respected!!!


When you comply and do things you shouldn't (tattooing, sexual, betrayal, etc) the gods
are casting you into the category of "have nots", ensuring your disposability.

Tactics ensuring as few people would be receptive as possible::::
1. Credibility issues
a. Unemployment
b. Unrespectability
2. Ultra-slow learning curve
3. AI-inspired verbal/written impedments
4. I don't teach things that people want to hear.

Important people in my life were born on traditional American holidays intentionally as a
clue that people should be celebrating something besides the holiday society
- 4th of July
- Halloween
There are many clues in my family's reality and they are there for the disfavored to learn
- Married a dead-ringer for a transsexual
- The boy was BEAUTIFUL. They made him ugly during puberty because he became corrupted.


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