Sunday, February 05, 2006


[Drums and hautboys off] Benno the Talking Calendar points out that today is the first birthday* of Headsup-the-Blog, your online home for the sort of stuff you once had to wait days or weeks for IATS to dump in your mailbox. So we're just trying to get some schoolwork out of the way before the official festivities begin, though the prezzies are already pouring in. (I didn't know you could get a tanker that far up the Hinkson. Cool.)

What are we going to do for fun? Oh, sing some of the old diagramming chanteys, I suppose. Light the ritual Wicker Prescriptivist. Watch the neighborhood kids performing their logistic regressions. Dr. HEADSUP-L was going to make her traditional puree of publishers' souls, but the damn things take so long to scrub that we might just order out. Other ideas always welcome.

* Though the earth's crust still had to cool for a few months before regular transmissions began.


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