Wednesday, January 04, 2006

On the Banned Wagon

A few more forbidden usages from recent edns. Take heed, ye sinners:

Bowled over (1B Tuesday).
"Bowled over" is the "'Tis the season" of sports heds. Never write it. Never allow it to appear in print.

Penn State's Alam Zemaitis (21) celebraated his first quarter interception in Tuesday's Orange Bowl win. (1B Wednesday).
At least we got him on the right team. But otherwise: Would this be the Alan Zemaitis listed on the Penn State Web site? Since he's the only person in the picture, is there any reason to remind us that he's wearing No. 21? Since the cutline refers to the action in the frame, is there some reason it's in the past tense? Is the clever spelling meaant to taake our minds off the forbidden verb "celebrate"? (Yes, and hyphenaate preposed number compounds: "first-quarter interception.")

If you're still wondering why "celebrate" (along with "react") is on the forbidden list:

OSU's Santonio Holmes, front, celebrates his 85-yard touchdown catch with Ted Ginn. (4B Tuesday)
Memphis' Antonio Anderson, left, and Darius Washington celebrate their victory over Gonzaga on Tuesday. (3B Dec. 28)

Afghan said to need more aid in drug war (3A Tuesday)
Never use the adjectival form of a country as a noun. Don't call Afghanistan "Afghan"; don't call Saudi Arabia "Saudi" (hidden among a welter of errors on 15A in the Dec. 18 issue). In a pinch, you can use the plural of the personal form ("Afghans" or "Saudis"), but adjectives aren't nouns.

N. Korea won't negotiate unless United States lifts sanctions (1A Tuesday)
We don't know what North Korea will or won't do. All we know is what North Korea says. All sorts of countries -- not just members of the various Axes of Evil -- sometimes negotiate with their fingers crossed. Stick to what you know.

Q: So, how's that sports department punctuation coming along?
A: You make the call!
Throughout the year Snyder has been outspoken about Lyons lack of effort in practice. (1B Tuesday)
"Its good to see him respond the way he did.” (1B Tuesday)
Shooting guards Glen Dandridge, Matt Lawrence, and Thomas Gardner joined point guard Jason Horton and center Kalen Grimes. (1B Tuesday)
Marilyn Roche worked with the Kasmann’s neighbor, and after hearing tales of one another, the two deduced whom each other was. (3B Tuesday; them did?)

Q: Well, how about that parallel structure?
A: Glad you asked:
Lyons played like a player who was responding to a challenge, hustling on both ends of the floor getting a couple steals and a block on defense and was the Tigers’ second leading rebounder with seven. (1B Tuesday)
Kewpies head coach Jim Sutherland said the game was ragged, had a lot of turnovers and that the Kewpies were lucky to win it. (1B Wednesday)


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