Saturday, December 24, 2005

Assorted headline musings

23 killed after turboprop crashes near Caspian Sea
What'd they do, line the survivors up and shoot them? You could say "23 killed in crash," you could say "23 dead after turboprop crashes," you could say "Plane crashes; 23 dead" -- there's rather a lot you could say. But prepositions mean stuff. Don't fling them around at random.

Worship, fellowship, outreach grace holiday calendars
Amid the hundreds of services and sacred events gracing the calendar this weekend in the area, some Christmas highlights:
Grr. Copyeds, your job is to keep writers' religious biases out of stories -- not to amplify them in big type. No more "gracing the calendar."

’Tis the season for mall mayhem
Every time a "'Tis the season" hed appears, an angel is blindfolded and secretly flown to some country ending in -stan where "cruel and unusual punishment" is not a constitutional no-no but a varsity and club-level sport. Are we listening over there at Vox?


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