Sunday, November 20, 2005

Rein in the localitis, pls

The year 2002 was notorious for goal post destruction and rowdy post-game celebrations. An oft-cited example was The Ohio State University’s defeat of the University of Michigan. The ensuing riots and outdoor fires in Columbus, Ohio, resulted in at least 45 arrests.

MU was no different — fans rushed the field after the Tigers defeated Kansas that season 36-12.

"No different" seems rather a stretch, as the "riots and outdoor fires" should have suggested. As best one can tell at this remove, the MU game resulted in about a dozen arrests of fans who rushed the field. Columbus saw close to 60, along with 20 cars overturned and nine torched; the on-field postgame melee there produced four fractures and a head injury. We have, by any standard, a better J-school, but it's probably time to admit that Old Missouri just isn't up to Big 10 standards in sports rioting.


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