Sunday, November 20, 2005

Procrastination potpourri

Let's see how long it takes for this bit of foreign correspondence to be noted in the pages of the hometown press:

Cheerleader shame
Nightclub arrests as Carolina TopCats lose their clean-cut image

And on a cheerier -- OK, an almost as cheery but slightly less snarky -- note, pay a visit to Doug and friends at Common Sense Journalism. "Words of wisdom from a newsroom veteran" (Be active in a journalism related organization. You will meet people who can give you jobs if yours goes to crap) is one of the many goodies on offer there. I've never figured out why they do that thing with the mustard in the barbecue sauce,* but it's good to know the resistance is broadcasting from South Carolina too.

* To be fair, ketchup isn't exactly scriptural either. Pride goeth before a fall there, Lexington.


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