Friday, June 10, 2005

Knock and it shall be opened

Letter to the editor: "The O*****er should try catering to the majority. Watch more of Fox News -- that's how you report the news!"

Series standing slug: "WITH OUR SOLDIERS: O*****er reporter **** ********, right, and M***n T***graph photographer **** *** are in Iraq to report on our troops' humanitarian missions."

(The "our" is a form of empathetic deixis common to all the Murdoch products I've seen. I think it's most prevalent on Fox, but that might be because I no longer get to read the Sun every morning.)

How do I get to Carnegie Hall?
Hey, gang, ever want your rezz to reach editors all across the purple mountains and amber waves? Try sending along a letter like this, provided -- names deleted to protect all parties -- by one of our alert regional buros. Having already accepted the job, the writer decides to ...

I wanted to get back to you earlier, but it's been really tight.

I had to come back to NNNNN again, looking for housing -- and I found nothing. At least I found nothing that was nice and affordable. There was lots of crappy housing in my price range, but nothing I felt safe with.

Also I have been offered another job with OOOOO that I've decided to take. I am really sorry about the late notice and wasting your time. And I want you to know that I was not looking for another offer. But it just fell in my lap. And I could really turn it down. ... But you guys were all very amazing and I am terribly sorry I won't be joining you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, he could have been like Steve From Virginia. He came to work, was introduced around, shown his duties, and then he left for dinner. Never came back.

3:48 PM, June 14, 2005  

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